Weekly Activities

Monday • Games

​on the Porch for Kids and Teens (parents allowed).

Tuesday & Thursday • Western Dance Night

Learn the 2-Step, 10-Step, and line dancing.

Wednesday • Bonfire

Campfire Singing, Cowboy Poetry, Roast Marshmallows.

Thursday • Hayride

Friday • Dutch Oven Cook-Out

Final evening with Rodeo party & ribbons for event winners. Each Family does Poems, Jokes, or a Skit. Dance to Follow.

Daily Activities


Cow Milking, Riding Demo, Morning Wrangle, Saddling, Trail Ride


Colt Leading, Rodeo Practice, Volleyball, Basketball, Playground Time, Wading in the Creek, Hiking, Fishing, relaxing, you name it!!


Different each evening.

Once a Week

Picnic Ride with Lunch

Picnic Ride with a packed lunch on pack horses. This is a very picturesque ride with a swim at the end if it is warm enough. We will have lunch and then come back and rest until evening.

Horseback Riding at the Ranch

Trail Rides Daily! Call us to make your reservations at (928) 333-4984


We have morning daily guided trail rides Monday-Friday. The rides are divided into three Groups: Beginning, Teen, and Adult. These rides are 2 – 2 1/2 hours.

There is also an afternoon trail ride that is 1 1/2 – 2 hours and everyone is invited.

Our head wrangler will select one of our seasoned trail horses for you based on your horseback riding ability and past experience. You will be asked to sign a release form at the beginning of your stay and will be asked about your riding ability. Please be honest on your ability. When we make a good match, you’re experience is much more satisfying and you get to stay with “your” horse for the duration of your stay. ALL of our horseback rides are guided for the safety of the rider and horse.

Typically there are two rides a day- morning and afternoon. Our scenic trail rides take you through some of the prettiest country in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. You will ride through grassy meadows, pine and aspen covered mountains, and meandering streams. Wildlife is abundant to the delight of all our guests. Once a week there will be an evening ride offered for those who want to ride off into the setting sun!

If you are a beginner there is no need to worry, our experienced wranglers will take good care of you. You will be matched to a horse that is just right for your abilities and when you leave, you’ll be on your way to becoming an experienced rider!

Personal arena/meadow rides are offered throughout the week for personalized instruction at an additional fee.

Riders must be at least 6 years old. Pony leads are available for cowboys and cowgirls 3-5 years in our children’s program.

Rules and Regulations for Daily Rides of Non–Guests


  • Open for Trail Rides from June 15th – October 15th.
  • Call to make Reservation
  • Rides head out at approximately:
    9:30AM and 1:30PM Monday – Friday
    Saturday at 9:30 only.
    No rides on Sunday.
  • All riders must be at least 6 years old
  • For the younger children a Pony can be available upon request.
  • Rides duration is 1 to 1 1/2 half hours.
  • If you are NOT a current guest at the Ranch rides are $60 for 1-4 riders, $55 for 5-8 riders, 50 for 9- above riders.
  • Lunch 1pm ($12) / Dinner 7pm ($15) can be available before or after your ride with reservation.
  • All Day Extended Black River Rides
    Take a scenic ride down to the Black River and we will provide your Lunch for $150.

​We also can customize rides to different locations.

After you have checked out our Guidelines for Non-Guest Daily Trail Rides, call us to make reservations TODAY! See Ya Soon!!





If you are hunting in Unit 27 or Unit 1 and tired of getting cold, eating out of a can, and sore from sleeping on the ground, then come to Sprucedale. We are around the corner with warm log cabins and serve home cooked meals. Sprucedale Ranch is located at Longitude -109.32670 Latitude 33.71402, two miles from Buffalo Crossing.

Your stay includes a homemade early breakfast to get you out before the elk get up, a sack lunch, and a warm homemade meal for dinner when you come in for the night. Just try and find a better deal!


$125 a night per person, you can contact us for discounted rates for late hunts 2019.

Arizona Hunting and Fishing License Fees.

Horse Drives & Cattle Round Ups


For riders who want more of a challenge, we offer Horse Drives in May and October. Help us drive our herd from winter to summer range. Our most popular adventure, this ride covers over 60 miles of the most spectacular country Arizona has to offer. Step back in time and enjoy four days and nights of horses, cowboys, and the Old West.

The drive begins at 5,800 ft., in high desert, sagebrush plains, and wooded hills. Ride to 9,800 ft. in the cool forests of the White Mountains. Roam through highland meadows sprinkled with mountain lakes in the shadow of snowcapped Mt. Baldy. The route threads its way down the mountain through the pine forests to our secluded valley at the ranch. The Fall drive returns the horses to lower ranges and so reverses the drive.

These horse drives are offered as pleasure rides rather than endurance rides. However, they are not intended for the beginning rider with limited trail riding experience or poor physical condition. To be prepared for this ride you should have at least forty hours of riding experience. This ride is generally fast paced and riders should be able to post.

Lodging will be in tents on the trail and cabins at the ranch. We will supply the horses, tack, food, tents and cabins. Only a limited number of riders will be allowed, so book early. A 50% deposit is required. We will refund your deposit up until 90 days before your scheduled horse drive. After that we will refund your deposit if we can rebook your spot. Fifty dollars of your deposit is non-refundable.

Whitney’s Epic Ride

Check back f0r 2021 Fall Ride Dates!


For those of you that know Whitney Wiltbank you know that he has an addiction for Epic trails. They are spontaneous and lots of fun – So just imagine what is going to happen when he has time to plan

Objective: Riding the horses we winter near Phoenix all the way to Sprucedale Ranch 200+ miles of Epic adventure!!!

This trail is absolutely rich with Arizona history and scenic beauty.  On the spring ride we start out just East of Phoenix Arizona at the base of the superstition mountains and head north toward Roosevelt Lake through gorgeous desert-landscapes.  We then climb up 6,000 feet to the pines of Young Arizona on the historic Mogollon Rim.  Yes…If you have read Louis L’Amour’s books he has taken you over the Mogollon Rim many times.  We Then skirt around the high desert plains of Show Low Arizona near Greens Peak.  On the home stretch we head up the mountain past Mt. Baldy (11,409 feet) and Big Lake to the Majestic Sprucedale Guest Ranch.  The full trail is going to take about 10 days to complete. At the end of each magnificent day we will have a cook and camp or accommodations set up for us to come home to with hearty meals, fires, and stories.

This will be a once in a lifetime adventure; however, it needs to be stated that this will be an extended advanced ride that will require stamina, strength, and love for the trail. Casual riders need not to apply.

Riders that do complete the full ride will get:
  1. Bragg’n rights,
  2. Belt and Buckle
  3. The right to brand the lodge wall!
  4. Story to tell for the rest of their life!

Are you ready to see if you can complete a true western adventure?

Call or Email to reserve your saddle!


Call right away if we have spoken about the 2021 Spring Ride!
You have a special opportunity available to you!

​ The Spring 2021 Epic Trail Ride is a huge value at $4,600 per person.

“Enjoy three country-cooked meals, more stars than black sky at night, lightning storms, porch comfort, log cabin comfort, cowboy style horse rides, cattle round-ups, pure isolation, and the love of the Wiltbank host family. Life-impacting.”

– tnavm
Trip Advisor

“Sprucedale Guest Ranch is a great place to go and unwind, let kids play in the dirt (as opposed to being on screens all day), see wildlife, ride horses, meet great people, and recharge your batteries. Unexpected benefits include seeing the stars, breathing clean air, and you can actually hear the wind when it blows. You won’t regret one minute at SGR, but you will regret not going sooner!”

-Steve G.

“Great place to unplug and enjoy true good old-fashioned family time. Great rustic cabins and home cooked meals! Kids love it and adults can let their kids be kids and not worry about a thing!!!”

-Erica L.

“This is an AMAZING place with AMAZING people!! I HIGHLY recommend Sprucedale Guest Ranch!! The food, accommodations, staff and overall experience is ABSOLUTELY TREMENDOUS!!”

– Missy M.

“I used to visit Sprucedale yearly when I was a kid. I have been twice in the last three years, and it is even better now than I remember. This year I got several species of trout and saw a herd of over 100 elk just minutes from my cabin. So much to do and such incredible scenery to take in that you hardly notice the fact that you are unplugged from the rest of the world. The staff is so nice and helpful and the food gets better every year. If you are looking for a vacation for you and your kids, this is the place.”

-Evan R.

Sprucedale is located deep in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest; 14 miles from Big Lake, and 12 miles from highway 191. Homesteaded on over 80 acres of private land, the Ranch consists of a large main lodge, 13 guest cabins, workers quarters, barns, corrals, a playground, a dance porch, and a frog pond; all tucked in a beautiful green valley surrounded by pines and split by the curved banks of Beaver Creek—a meandering stream of clear water full of crawdads and minnows.

The rustic cabins are historical and full of character. All have bathrooms, and most consist of two other rooms, three beds, a table and chairs, and a wood stove. They sleep from three to seven adults. The beds and bedding are recently upgraded to provide a comfortable night’s rest, and each cabin has a front porch with an amazing view.
Everything about Sprucedale from horse rides, games, activities, and meals are centered around having fun together and enjoying a stress-free vacation.

-Peter K.
Google Review